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YO-box®  security cases are engineered to deliver superior protection for all types of equipment ranging from personal to industrial or military applications. The whole range is IP67 certified, rendering YO-box® cases water & dust proof  with high level of buoyancy and product lifetime warranty (10 years)* as standard.Our cases are made from high quality injection moulded polypropylene polymer (PP) offering protection  against corrosion, heat, electric discharge and increased crush resistance.
YO-box® brand is a registered trademark ( of YO Portal Ltd, UK.             


 * T&C apply.

The innovative “dead-lock clamp" locking system safeguard against accidental opening even if the case is the object of unintended forceful events (fall, hit, vibration).

We have a wide range of colours on offer, making our cases distinct from similar products further widening the field of application. Feel free to discover the whole selection of colours in our browsing section.